What do Leaders Look Like?

The True Measure of Leadership is Influence – Nothing More, Nothing Less

What do Leaders Look Like?

Do they always look powerful, impressive and charismatic? Can you spot a leader in a group? Can you put two leaders side by side and instantly tell who is the better leader? These are questions that have been asked time and time again and the real truth is that often a TRUE leader is not impressive on first appearance, however what they do have is INFLUENCE.

 Small Stature, Big Impact

When people hear that someone has an impressive title, or they hold a management position, they assume the individual to be a leader. Sometimes, they are, however title does not equal leader, leadership influence must be earned.

Five Myths about Leadership

  • The Management Myth – that leadership and management are one and the same
  • The Entrepreneur Myth – that all entrepreneurs are leaders
  • The Knowledge Myth – that knowledge is power and therefore power is the essence of leadership
  • The Pioneer Myth – that anyone who is in front of a crowd is a leader
  • The Position Myth – that leadership is based on position and title



Who’s the Real Leader?

The proof of leadership is found in the followers, is the person able to influence people to follow them? In order to influence more successfully several factors come into play.

Character – Who they are

TRUE leadership begins with the inner person; people need to sense a depth of character

Relationships – Who they know

You’re a leader only if you have followers and that requires the development of relationships. The deeper the relationships, the stronger the potential for leadership.

Knowledge – What they know

Knowledge alone does not make someone a leader, however you need a grasp of the facts, an understanding of dynamic factors, timing and a vision for the future.

Intuition – What they feel

Emotional intelligence is vital for a leader, they have the ability to read and influence intangibles within their team, such as energy, morale, timing and momentum.

Experience – Where they’ve been

The greater challenges you have shared in the past, the more likely followers are to give you a chance in the present. Experience doesn’t guarantee credibility, but it encourages people to give you a chance to prove you are capable.

Past Success – What they’ve done

Nothing speaks better than a good track record and enables people to trust you.

Ability – What they can do

The bottom line for followers is what a leader is capable of. They want to know that a person can lead them to victory.

If you can’t INFLUENCE people, then they will not follow you and if people won’t follow you, you are not a leader. TRUE leadership if INFLUENCE, nothing more and nothing less!

Look out for my next blog that will teach the next leadership principle, ‘The law of Process’.