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First Day Prep New Job

Top 10 Tips for First Day Prep

Fantastic! New job, cant wait to start! But are you prepared for the all important first day? As experienced recruiters of social care staff, we have placed thousands of candidates and helped them with their smooth transition into their new job. Enjoy a worry free first day by using this handy guide of 10 simple tips

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Today’s CQC Report ‘State of Care’. Get Your Quick and Easy Summary

Here is a snippet of the CQC ‘State of Care’ Summary Report. Adult social care services have been able to maintain quality, but there are indications that the sustainability of adult social care is approaching a tipping point Many care homes, home care agencies and other adult social care services are providing good quality care

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Using 360° Feedback To Drive Your Social Care Business Improvement

SUMMARY: 360° feedback – or multisource feedback as it is sometimes called – is a widely-used method used in many businesses for raising the awareness of individuals about how they (and their behaviours) impact upon others within the organisation that they work in. It is an inexpensive personal development and organisational development tool. In essence,

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Greece, the nation which gives that underdog candidate hope

Winners of the Euros in 2004, underdog Greece like this year’s Premier League winners Leicester, were given little hope of winning. Ranked 150-1 to win the tournament, losing their first 2 qualifying matches and being drawn in the perceived “group of death” with Spain, Portugal and Russia only added to this unfavouring perception. Nevertheless, this

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Leadership in Social Care – Magnetism

What determines whether the people you want are the people you get isn’t what you want, it is who you are. This is the law of magnetism in leadership. For arguments sake let us assume you wanted people who are entrepreneurs but you do not possess any entrepreneurial skills. Let’s say you want exceptional leaders but you

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london marathon

What the London Marathon can teach you about Social Care Recruiting

Marathons. Running them will lead to failure. Walking them will lead to failure. It’s all about pacing and the same rings true for recruitment. Fast recruitment may seem like the best option to fill that gaping hole in your organisation. Slow recruitment may seem like the best option to play it safe and get that

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Hire Potential, Find Your Loyal Leaders

If we look in the dictionary, potential is “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.” “In the future”, this is the key phrase. People in general, not just candidates, need experience and a leader to learn from in order to maximise their potential. It is common for someone to have

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Dementia Care Starts with Better Understanding by Action Dementia UK Branch

So what is the issue?   There are currently estimated to be around 850,000 people in the UK living with a diagnosis of dementia, and 163,000 new cases of dementia occurring in England and Wales each year. Based on current projections, one in three people over the age of 65 will develop dementia and by

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The Millennials are flooding into the workplace – is your company ready

Millennials currently make up 37% of the workforce and this percentage is set to surpass 50% by 2020. On that basis, what do we know about this generation, how do we attract them to the care sector and then retain them? As a quick definition, Millennials are largely considered those born between 1980 & 1996.

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What Makes Candidates Choose Your Social Care Organisation Over Another

Read any newspaper or online magazine and you will see the latest data on the growing skills shortage in the UK. We send out a report to our subscribers every quarter which highlights all the key findings. When there is a skills shortage; like now, experienced candidates can pick and choose which social care organisation

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