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5 Ways Bad Body Language Could Cost you the Job

Did you know your body language could cost you the job? Often a Hiring Manager can decide whether they want to hire you or not within the first minute and a half of the interview. It can take as little as some bad body language for them to make their decision, so why isn’t body

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Why Candidates Need To Research Like Sherlock Holmes

What worse feeling is there than working hard to get an interview, arriving early and setting a good impression but then being thrown interview questions to answer without understanding the company and whether its right for you. This is why its always a good idea for any candidate who is offered an interview to do

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Interview items

Interview Items You Need for a Successful Interview

Proper preparation is important if you are to excel at the interview stage. This includes things like studying the job description and researching the company thoroughly. However, there is still a lot more essential preparation that you should do to enhance your likelihood of success. Here are some few important interview items you need to

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3 Guaranteed ways to Impress a Hiring Manager

Even for the most experienced and relevantly qualified candidates, any kind of job interview can be stressful. In the space after all, of what is usually just a 30-minute time window, you have to convince a complete stranger why they should invest their time and resources in you personally over every other person who they

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self motivation

How do you build confidence and self-motivation for interviews?

  Interviews can be seen as a daunting experience and this is understandable. After all, applying for a job can be long-winded and tedious, especially if you are applying to multiple vacancies. You will most likely need to go through a variety of phases to get to the interview. The application phase, applying for a

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4 Classic Interview Mistakes That Could Lose You That Role

Sorry to be the one to share the bad news and, no interview is ever guaranteed. You may have a CV and skill set that matches totally what  your potential new employer is looking for however; don’t leave it to chance that you will walk the interview. You might not. As one of the North’s most

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