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How to optimise your executive-level CV and stand out

  We are really pleased to welcome this months Guest Blogger Laura Slingo , Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library. We are confident that our senior level managers in the Social Care sector will take great learning from her advice on ‘How to optimise your executive-level CV and stand out’ How

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How To Write The Perfect CV

In today’s day and age of multifaceted application systems and with the plethora of social media platforms, you might think the CV is dead, well it’s not. In fact the CV is well and truly alive and kicking. Here is part one of my top tips on how you can get yourself the perfect CV,

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How to create a champion worthy cover letter

Having recently finished university and talking to a variety of young adults in particular for my course, it’s surprising to find just how few young adults (including new graduates) have a cover letter or know the purpose of them. It is however even more surprising to see senior managers with vast levels of experience look

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Ditch Your Boring CV, Lets Get Hard Hitting & Impressive

It is very common to hear employees, friends and colleagues say “I don’t have anything to put on my CV that’s strong enough to impress,” or “My LinkedIn profile would look rubbish so I don’t bother” …really…what have you been doing with your time for the last however many years? Nothing that a potential employer

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Why CVs Are Still Your Passport To Your Next Role In Social Care

You would think that the classic CV was long gone; wouldn’t you? What with the World Wide Web celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and social media giving everyone a peek into everyone else’s life are CV’s still relevant ? The answer= is a resounding yes. The CV has a 500 year history of success

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