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Why You Need To Notch Up Nutrition And Hydration In Your Care Homes

Nutrition and hydration in the care home has got to be one of the most important elements of promoting well-being, and in order for this to have the desired outcome (i.e. happy, well-nourished and healthy residents), all staff in the home need to understand the part that they can play to make this a reality.

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Will You Be Ready For The New KLOEs?

With the new CQC KLOEs inspection framework currently timetabled to start from November 2017, will your care organisation have checked these out and be ready with a strategy to meet your inspection? The new KLOEs, that is the Key Lines of Enquiries, published by CQC last month, include a timetable for applying the new framework

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How To Write The Perfect CV

In today’s day and age of multifaceted application systems and with the plethora of social media platforms, you might think the CV is dead, well it’s not. In fact the CV is well and truly alive and kicking. Here is part one of my top tips on how you can get yourself the perfect CV,

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3 Reasons Why Summer Could Stall Your Recruitment Process

Summer can have a significant impact on recruitment, retention and short notice absence. This should be factored into any successful recruitment plan. We often see winter as the month that causes most of the waves in absence management, new starters, and leavers, but we should never underestimate the effect that the summer months can also

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IT Security and the Social Care Sector

Cybercrime has become an everyday occurrence and it would appear that it’s a phenomenon that’s here to stay. In fact, Cybercrime is on the increase and experts predict the global cost will triple and hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. There are many different types of cybercrime, with different objectives and differing levels of tactical

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Saving Social Care Neil Whiteboard

Saving Social Care: my interview with author Neil Eastwood

I have recently interviewed Social Care workforce expert and author Neil Eastwood about his new book “Saving Social Care”  and why if you work in social care, you might want to read it. Read on to find out what Neils top tips are and what you should do first! What inspired you to write a

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4 Proven Ways to Make Interviewers Like You

You may have the best CV. You may also answer questions within an interview better than other candidates. So surely you should get the job? Unfortunately, it isn’t as straight forward as this. At the end of the day you may have the skills but if you aren’t a likeable person interviewers may think twice

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6 Key Traits for Working in a Social Care Team

When it comes to success, teamwork goes a long way in achieving this. Organisations are built and run by teams of people who work together and strive towards an overarching end goal. If you are looking for a new role, it is highly likely you will need to work in one or multiple teams. Below

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Better Health for People with Learning Disabilities – Report

Did you know that people with learning disabilities have poorer health and die at a younger age than people without learning disabilities? Did you know that some of this poor health is avoidable? At turro, we work with multiple learning disability organisations across the UK, recruiting quality managers for many of these organisations, based on

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Social Care Training

When it comes to training your employees, many will argue it isn’t enough, with a recent survey of over 1400 people, stating that 49% didn’t feel they had enough training. It is up to you as an employer to provide this training, after all, an upskilled workforce means a more productive workforce. Therefore, here are

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