Leadership in Social Care – Practice Makes Perfect!

Leadership Skills are Built a Day at a Time

Do you ever look around your organization and think, ‘how did that person become so good at leadership?’ Although it is true that some people are born with greater natural leadership ability, all individuals can learn how. The ability to lead is a collection of skills that can all be learnt and improved. However, the person that you were gazing at with admiration a few minutes ago did not learn how to lead overnight, they have learnt to invest daily in their leadership development…

Leaders are Learners

In Social Care we are used to learning, we are good at self-discipline and perseverance. The good news then, is that because we are already a-tuned to learning we will more easily be able to align ourselves with the five-step process for leadership growth.

Five Step Process for Leadership Growth

  1. I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know – In order to grow, a person needs to know what they don’t know
  2. I Know That I Need To Know – I need to learn how to lead
  3. I Know What I Don’t Know – Have a plan for personal growth, leadership is developed daily, not in a day
  4. I Know And Grow And It Starts To Show – When you recognise your lack of skill and begin the daily discipline of personal growth, exciting things start to happen
  5. I Simply Go Because Of What I Know – If you commit to become a life long learner of leadership then you will reach the point where your ability to lead becomes almost automatic


No Overnight Success

There is an old saying: ‘Champions don’t become champions in the ring – they are merely recognized there’. Anyone who is a the top of their sport, whether its Nicola Adams, Tom Daley or Usain Bolt develops into a champion through the disciplined application of their daily routine.


The good news then, is that everyone has the potential to become a leadership champion, but to improve you need to engage in the learning process and stick with it. TRUE leadership requires perseverance and is developed in a lifetime not in a day!

Look out for my next blog that will explore John Maxwell’s next leadership principle, ‘The law of Navigation’.


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