Greece, the nation which gives that underdog candidate hope

Winners of the Euros in 2004, underdog Greece like this year’s Premier League winners Leicester, were given little hope of winning. Ranked 150-1 to win the tournament, losing their first 2 qualifying matches and being drawn in the perceived “group of death” with Spain, Portugal and Russia only added to this unfavouring perception.

Nevertheless, this underdog persona never dampened the spirits of the Greek, waving their scarves and flags high and proud.

This belief is sometimes what the ‘underdog candidates’ at an interviews fail to have, so let’s inject some Greek spirit into you for that next interview you take.

One of the main reasons candidates perceive they are an underdog is irrational thinking:

“Oh it’s too good to be true”

“There will be someone with more experience”

“I don’t have the skill set”

Remember… you’ve been given the interview because they like you!

For higher level roles, there are normally multiple senior level managers who conduct these interviews. They wouldn’t waste their time on you if they didn’t think you were capable! Just like underdog Greece qualified for the Euros, you have qualified for an interview.

If you feel you don’t have the experience, then again look back to the fact you have been given that interview. If the Euros were about experience, then should we simply forget them and hand Germany or France the trophy? Greece had no prior Euro experience and won this with their first attempt! It’s not always about experience, passion, drive and even a bit of luck can get you a long way.

Skills is an extension of experience. Sure, many skills are learnt through experience but it can’t be argued that Greece’s side on paper man for man was weaker than every single team faced. It was the motivation and desire to make the hard work they had already put into qualifying pay off, which got them where they were. Don’t ruin the hard work already put into getting an interview for a dream role through illogical thoughts.

Greece dreamt, and they got their fairy tale ending, it’s about time you did too!

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