How do you build confidence and self-motivation for interviews?


Interviews can be seen as a daunting experience and this is understandable. After all, applying for a job can be long-winded and tedious, especially if you are applying to multiple vacancies. You will most likely need to go through a variety of phases to get to the interview. The application phase, applying for a role, requiring a well-tailored CV (see CV tips blog) and a favouring cover letter.

If successful, you may then have a short informal chat. Defeating all these hurdles can only add further pressure when the interview stage comes, one more thing to face before potentially having that life changing job. Maybe you’ve been close in the past but failed and this has knocked your confidence? Being so close but so far for example.

What we need to understand however is feeling nervous is fine, but lacking in confidence and believing you won’t be successful during the interview can be destructive. This can turn into a vicious cycle of then being further nervous and lacking more confidence for future interviews.

Being recruiters who are responsible for finding the best candidates who conduct plenty of interviews daily, I feel it is best we share some simple salient points in order to slowly switch your mind-set into a more positive one in order for you to flourish during interviews.

They like what they see

The company is impressed with everything you have told them in the CV in order to offer you an interview. They believe the experience you have can make a positive contribution to their organisation.

Clear your thoughts

It is sometimes hard to clear negative thoughts about an interview if you have been unsuccessful. An interview is a chance for the employer to see you in person, how you act and your personality. Negativity can be seen by employers and leave a bad image. Clearing negative thoughts on past interviews is recommended, after all no two interviews are the same.


Anchoring can help you with the above too. This is the process of attaching yourself to an emotion. Think back to a time where you have felt successful or confident, rather than failed interviews. By thinking back to this time, naturally you will give off positive energy and the fact you know you have been confident in past, shows you can be again.


Read about the company, practice some common interview questions, have intelligent questions to ask at the end to show your interest. There is no guarantee all of these questions will come up during the interview, but having that security blanket that if they do you are covered, can help with confidence.

Everyone’s the same

Remember everybody else who is having an interview is in the same boat. They most likely haven’t got the interview questions or know the interviewers. They will have had to prep the same way as you and have potentially also been rejected from jobs before. You are not at a disadvantage.

They are human

The interviewers are the same. They have emotions too. They have been in this situation before and will understand how you feel. Most likely they will offer you a drink or start with an open ended question such as “tell me about yourself” in order to allow you to dictate the beginning of the conversation.

If you think and employ these 6 simple strategies, there is no reason you won’t have more success in your next interview.