Yoda’s 5 Top Tips For Job Seekers Standing Out

With jobs hard to come by and competition more fierce than ever, combined with the fact Star Wars  is out today, I thought it may be a good idea to offer some helpful tips on behalf of Yoda. None Star Wars fans, this may be challenging!

More intense competition is, for more qualifications recruiters are asking. Ahead of the pack stay how can you?

5 simple strategies, here are:

Your uniqueness don’t shy away from

For interview, mold not into corporate person become. ‘Team player’ and ‘hardworking’ generic phrases are, avoid must you. Different fresh perspective offer, teach the interviewers you may!

Your affiliations leverage

Like a testimonial social proof is. Hire me it shouts! Top university or prestigious company this could be. Social proof brag you must!

Good, charity is

Work charity reasons obvious are, also a fantastic way to develop your skills and experience it is. Build strong network charity work also allows you, influential people who same values share you connect.


One person everyone want to speak to has you. However unattainable they are. Random email or one to one coffee work may not. Experience and knowledge to multiple people through podcasts or blogs you must, more lucrative the proposition becomes, more likely to get a yes you are.

Content you must create

Extension of above this is, ideas publicly share must you. For free give, social proof and network increase does this. To create content the point is, channel must worry not you. Uniqueness look back to, good is different spin on topics. Industry challenges and problems face them? Resolutions have you? Good this is, share you must! You doing the world and your personal brand a great deal, will be. Herh Herh Herh.

Hope these quick tips help all those looking for jobs stand out. Enjoy the film and may the force be with you!