Why Onboarding Your New Employees Is So Important

Why is it that after all the hard work and effort put into recruiting a new employee, is it that sometimes we see such little attention paid to our new starters?  More often than not the new starters are left to fail or succeed entirely on their own. It should be something organisations take pride in to provide support to all new hires.

For the new starter to be successful in your business and transition into their new role effectively, it is important to invest time and resources into training them to be the best – this way you get the full benefit of your hiring efforts fast. This is much better than having to deal with the time and resources wasted if they happen to leave your business after a short period of time due to not being supported in their new role.

Onboarding your new starters should be a united process of involvement and engagement and not just a laborious list of things you have to do when in addition to your already heavy workload. The onboarding process needs to be encompassing of a typical workday and don’t try to do it all yourself. Use your team, every person in your team should champion some part of the process, not only does this free up your time to get on, but it also allows time for your new employee to build relationships with other members of the team.

People often enjoy the extra responsibility of training new starters, its gives them the opportunity to show you, their colleagues and themselves just how much they know. This is also a great way to spot potential leaders in your team, tomorrows managers. Read our blog on succession planning to help with this.

Unrealistic Expectations

It is a good idea to introduce your new starter to more than just rewards and job conditions. You should include your expectations of them in their first week, month, 6 months of their new role so they are able to start with a realistic perception of what is anticipated of them in terms of their initial performance. Setting unrealistic expectations is the main reason new employees give when it comes to them resigning.

When your new starter fails it is often due to them perhaps misunderstanding what is expected of them. By providing a thorough induction plan and the right sort of mentoring, this problem can more than likely be avoided. An in-depth induction should be personalised to the individual and to do this it can be a good idea to carry out different assessments with the new hire to figure out their best ways of learning. If the process is rushed this can lead to the new employee not fully understanding what is expected of them and can therefore hinder their achievement and performance – ultimately causing them to resign.

Positive Onboarding Experience

The onboarding experience of a new starter is a positive one if it is relevant, meaningful, engaging and fits in with the timely expectations of their role. The aim is to complete the onboarding process as effectively as possible so that the new hire feels happy in their new role. You will see their performance and confidence improve much sooner if you are able to simplify their transition due to a positive onboarding process.

Managers should devote time to inducting new starters to help them settle in their new working environment. It can be a good idea to give your new starter a ‘buddy’ – this can be someone who they will be working with closely alongside in their role. They can provide support in a more informal way to help the new employee feel comfortable on a more social level as well as share personal experiences about when they started.

Onboarding programmes, if done successfully, are likely to help with staff retention and long-term success. Upskilling your new employee brings more value to your organisation and the best way to do this is through the right induction process with a structured and proactive approach. This will make your new employee more productive in their role.


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