How to create a champion worthy cover letter

Having recently finished university and talking to a variety of young adults in particular for my course, it’s surprising to find just how few young adults (including new graduates) have a cover letter or know the purpose of them. It is however even more surprising to see senior managers with vast levels of experience look for a new job and wonder how do they begin the process of writing a cover letter? As recruiters we want to help you ensure your cover letter stands out for the right reasons.

A cover letter should build on your CV, telling employers in detail why you are interested in the job, what is attractive about it and why you want to work for that company. As a cover letter should contain why you want to work for that company, many employers don’t even read a resume until they are satisfied with the cover letter, to see if the candidate is interested in the role and will be a good fit.

If you are reading this, you may be in a position of starting to create a cover letter. Below are some important tips and things to consider when doing this:

-Include why you are suitable for the role.

-Why you want to work for the company.

-Demonstrate knowledge of the company.

-Anything recently in the media around the sector/organisation.

-Match your skills to the employer’s needs, appealing to their self-interest.

-Add personal experiences which are relevant.

-Use the same language as the employer.

-No longer than 1 page.

-Have more important points nearer the beginning.

-Address the person directly if possible, if not then Sir/Madame.

-Always finish with ‘Yours Sincerely’ if addressed directly and ‘Yours Faithfully’ if indirectly.

Unless you are asked to just send a CV, always send a cover letter to strengthen your chances of being successful. If you are given the option of sending a cover letter but don’t, employers may see you as too lazy to write one, have a lack of interest or simply do not know what one is. Either way, all three of these assumptions will instantly rule you out of a potential job.

We hope you find this short blog on cover letters and the tips provided useful and have provided a cover letter template for you to download here.

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