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13 killer tips to slash your Friday 13th unproductivity

Paraskevidekatriaphobia and productivity. What do these two words have in common?   They both start with the letter ‘p’. One can be worked on rationally, the other comes around regardless and is illogical. Paraskevidekatriaphobia, in other words Friday 13th, has arrived. Seen by the majority of us as an unlucky day, what could be worse?   An

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Care to Zlatan? What to do when your top employee leaves you

Zlatan Ibrahimović. Arguably one of the best strikers ever to grace the game with a larger than life character. Loved by many, hated by others, here are a few quotes from the man himself. “I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am” “We’re looking for an apartment. If we don’t find anything, then

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4 Downsides of Being a Lifelong Learner

I firmly believe in ongoing personal and professional development; so how can I say there are negative aspects to a commitment to a lifelong learner? I’ve always invested heavily – both money and time – in my own personal and professional growth. My software company has been publishing assessment and development tools for more than

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london marathon

What the London Marathon can teach you about Social Care Recruiting

Marathons. Running them will lead to failure. Walking them will lead to failure. It’s all about pacing and the same rings true for recruitment. Fast recruitment may seem like the best option to fill that gaping hole in your organisation. Slow recruitment may seem like the best option to play it safe and get that

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Hire Potential, Find Your Loyal Leaders

If we look in the dictionary, potential is “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.” “In the future”, this is the key phrase. People in general, not just candidates, need experience and a leader to learn from in order to maximise their potential. It is common for someone to have

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Yoda’s 5 Top Tips For Job Seekers Standing Out

With jobs hard to come by and competition more fierce than ever, combined with the fact Star Wars  is out today, I thought it may be a good idea to offer some helpful tips on behalf of Yoda. None Star Wars fans, this may be challenging! More intense competition is, for more qualifications recruiters are asking. Ahead of

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Just how do MI6 recruit their next James Bond?

From time to time, I ask myself “How do MI6 recruit their 007’s when hiring managers don’t share their “symptoms” with their recruiter?” After all for a doctor to prescribe the right medicine, they need to have the right information to do their job effectively and if you want to get better quickly, whether you

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recruitment plan

Recruitment plan? Everything you need to know

Think. How does a business grow? You reach a point where you exceed your targets and you need to employ more staff to meet the growing demands. How do you meet the growing demands? Employ more workers. What happens if you can’t meet these demands? You stagnate, and most likely lose business to competitors. The

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How to create a champion worthy cover letter

Having recently finished university and talking to a variety of young adults in particular for my course, it’s surprising to find just how few young adults (including new graduates) have a cover letter or know the purpose of them. It is however even more surprising to see senior managers with vast levels of experience look

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self motivation

How do you build confidence and self-motivation for interviews?

  Interviews can be seen as a daunting experience and this is understandable. After all, applying for a job can be long-winded and tedious, especially if you are applying to multiple vacancies. You will most likely need to go through a variety of phases to get to the interview. The application phase, applying for a

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