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Personal development, the main string to a bow for Leaders in Social Care

By Meredith Bell and Andrew Brindley The late Jim Rohn, one of the great authorities on personal achievement, explained how he went from being an Idaho farm boy to being a business man who was offered multi-million-dollar contracts. His secret: “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” This one piece

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Secret tips to get the best out of a recruitment agency

Refined Art Vs Jack-of-all-trades? You first choice is the type of recruitment agency to use. Do you choose a specialist in the sector or a generalist? You might think I will go with the cheapest option at the outset but that will not always save you money in the long run. Take a simple car

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3 Top Interview #Hacks; to use to Impress a Hiring Manager

I’m always learning new ways on how to hire as things move quickly in today’s world. My businesses are doing well and I am always looking to add to my team. As a proponent of self-development I got a book on interviews and looked at all the great stuff on line, one of my favourite

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Serve up an Ace Recruitment Process

Recruitment and Retention is a challenge faced daily in Social Care. We wanted to serve you up some aces to play over the Wimbledon fortnight to move from 40 love down, to championship point. So we have served up 15 simple best practices when recruiting and retaining your care staff, you can put these into

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If Carlsberg made job applicants

Recently my colleague Danielle Gunby wrote a great post ‘what employers REALLY feedback about you after your interview’ which talked about how people can quickly turn off hiring managers by the way they conduct themselves at an interview. This got me thinking…What if that famous Danish brewer made job applicants, what would they be like?

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6 Easy Ways to Spot a Bad Egg in Your Interview Process

Although interviewing is not everyone’s speciality, it is a crucial part of the recruitment process. Whether the interview is face to face or over the telephone, there are some vital signs that can really help you spot a bad egg in your process. This week I interviewed someone who was caught in our bad eggs process,

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