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Get GDPR Ready- Social Care Staff Data

GDPR and your employees – demystifying the rules Many thanks to Turro for inviting me to write this blog for them and to be part of their webinar series. It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to reach out to some new businesses within the social care sector and I hope to get to know some

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bad hire

5 Ways to Tell You’ve Made a Bad Hire

Hiring the right person is vital to ensure the business experiences growth and success in the future. Large or small, employees are one of the most important factors in any company. Within the Health and Social Care sector it is crucial to employ someone with the right values your company is wanting to perceive themselves

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Why Onboarding Your New Employees Is So Important

Why is it that after all the hard work and effort put into recruiting a new employee, is it that sometimes we see such little attention paid to our new starters?  More often than not the new starters are left to fail or succeed entirely on their own. It should be something organisations take pride

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5 Ways Bad Body Language Could Cost you the Job

Did you know your body language could cost you the job? Often a Hiring Manager can decide whether they want to hire you or not within the first minute and a half of the interview. It can take as little as some bad body language for them to make their decision, so why isn’t body

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New Year, New Job?

What was your New Years resolution for 2018? Was it to lose weight? Was it to find a new hobby? Or, was it to find a new job? This time of year. is a very busy time. Everyone does the New Year/ new me thing and many people because of this look for a new

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CV Library

How to optimise your executive-level CV and stand out

  We are really pleased to welcome this months Guest Blogger Laura Slingo , Digital Copywriter for the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library. We are confident that our senior level managers in the Social Care sector will take great learning from her advice on ‘How to optimise your executive-level CV and stand out’ How

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First Day Prep New Job

Top 10 Tips for First Day Prep

Fantastic! New job, cant wait to start! But are you prepared for the all important first day? As experienced recruiters of social care staff, we have placed thousands of candidates and helped them with their smooth transition into their new job. Enjoy a worry free first day by using this handy guide of 10 simple tips

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4 Interview Mistakes That Candidates Fear Making

Sorry to be the one to share the bad news but, no interview is ever guaranteed. You may have a CV and skill set that matches totally what your potential new employer is looking for however; don’t leave it to chance that you will walk the interview. You might not. As one of the North’s most

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interviewing tips for managers

8 Interviewing Tips for Managers New to Recruiting

Interviewing candidates is a very important task. As a hiring manager, you aim to find the person whose experience, skills and character match your organisation best. Within the Social Care sector, this is even more significant as vulnerable lives could be at risk dependant on your decision. If you don’t prepare key interviewing questions or

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13 killer tips to slash your Friday 13th unproductivity

Paraskevidekatriaphobia and productivity. What do these two words have in common?   They both start with the letter ‘p’. One can be worked on rationally, the other comes around regardless and is illogical. Paraskevidekatriaphobia, in other words Friday 13th, has arrived. Seen by the majority of us as an unlucky day, what could be worse?   An

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