When it comes to success, teamwork goes a long way in achieving this. Organisations are built and run by teams of people who work together and strive towards an overarching end goal. If you are looking for a new role, it is highly likely you will need to work in one or multiple teams. Below therefore, are 6 key traits for working in a team.

Moods are contagious. You may have been in an office with someone who is constantly negative and believes every obstacle is impossible to overcome. If so, you may have started to feel like this too. Positivity is vital in a team environment and helps everyone feel motivated. Be positive and watch your work become more productive. If nothing else, those in your social care team will love having you on their team.

Some of us find it easier to talk than others. Some prefer keeping in touch with collegues constantly whilst others prefer to get their head down and on with work. The important thing is to strike a fine balance. A strong team player always keeps communication open with their colleagues which gives an open and honest impression, which is vital for every team.

Respect is an important factor in any well functioning team. Team spirit and mutual respect should come first, with egos put to one side. There are a number of ways you can show your team respect such as listening to what they say, being prepared, or helping out when a team member is struggling.

In order to receive and respect and feel trusted by your peers, they need to believe you are here for the long haul. No one can predict what the future holds, however by showing an investment in an organisations long-term goals will establish trust. Show dedication by coming up with new ideas, spending time building rapport with your team and going the extra mile.

Earn respect and become a likeable member of your social care team by always willing to lend a hand when your team needs it. You will develop a persona of being helpful, selfless and a team player. Bear in mind also, that if you help others, they will be more inclined to help you back.

Change happens all the time and often this happens without any control. Being able to adapt by picking up extra work or even if a new social care team member joins, by welcoming them, will go a long way in showing you are able to meet the ever changing needs of your team.


We hope you found this short blog useful. If you develop these 6 traits you will make a big impact on your social care team.

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