You may have the best CV. You may also answer questions within an interview better than other candidates. So surely you should get the job?

Unfortunately, it isn’t as straight forward as this. At the end of the day you may have the skills but if you aren’t a likeable person interviewers may think twice about offering you a role. After all, an interviewer is most likely going to be sat in the same office as you if were to get the job. So here are 4 quick tips to make interviewers like you.

Science proves that when people smile at us, we like them more. Even better, when we smile at people they are more likely to remember us, which is crucial if you want to stand out against multiple other job seekers. The bonus of this is that it’s simple to do and we all have a smile!

Shared Interests
The majority of us are convinced the way we see the world is the right way to view it. Because of this, we tend to like people who appear similar to ourselves. To take advantage of this, play up any shared interests you have with your interviewers. For example if they notice on your CV that you went to the same school, engage in a conversation and build rapport. Just make sure this small talk doesn’t overshadow your interview.

A job is a huge part of our lives and identity. It is therefore important that we come across enthusiastic when we are having an interview. After all, the job you are applying for is most likely in a similar field to the interviewer. Even if it isn’t, it will be the same company at least! Acting unenthusiastic will give off the impression you are not that excited by the role which can imply you wouldn’t be enthusiastic and proactive when working in the role.

Thank You
After interview, there is nothing wrong with sending the interviewers a quick thank you note via email. State how it was a pleasure to meet with them and that you enjoyed learning more about the presented opportunity. Like smiling, this is quick and easy to do and could be the difference between you getting the role over someone else if it is close.

We hope you found this short blog useful. If you develop these 4 traits you will notice much more success in future interviews.

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